How do Gourds grow.


  Growing gourds is very similar to growing Cucumbers and Zucchinis.  You will need some space as the vines grow big. About 6 foot by 6 foot space with room to grow up.  If you have good Soil and average water, this will be easy to do.  I do not use chemicals to grow mine but there are some bugs that can destroy your gourds.  Miracle grow does help but the type of seeds usually determine the size.

  I use Birdhouse, Corsican, bottleneck, and a few other type seeds and get them from seed catalogs or my local Gardening center.  They can be started inside or planted straight into the ground. I start mine inside so I can insure they germinate and I can plant my different types where I want them.  The larger the Gourd the more area you need for the vines.  

  You can grow them on the ground but they do great on Fences or Arbors.  once they start growing you will see Male and Female flowers.  Female flowers have mini gourds at there base.  I pollinate my gourds to insure I get maximum yields in my small space I grow them in.  the flowers bloom in the morning or evening.  that when I pull a few male flowers and rub them on the Female flowers from the same vine or similar gourd types.  I can get 10 to 15 gourds from one plant but I am sure you could get more.

  Once the gourds start to show, you need to check for bugs and use what ever type bug deterrent you normally use.  Some people don't like pesticides but since you are not eating them, you can do what ever you wish as the bug types are similar to vegetable pests.

  Once you have them growing, realize that some will go bad.  Loss will happen as many things can keep the fruit from maturing.  But do not pull them off the vine, leave them hang until they fall. 

  In my next blog, I will discuss how to prep the vines in the fall and how to harvest them.